Dynamic Storage Atmos-S3

The following passages explain how to create, manage and use Dynamic Storage.

Create a Dynamic Storage Pool

With the latest release of the new platform EMC-ECS you are not able to order a Dynamic Storage Pool for Atmos S3-API anymore. Please refer to EMC-ECS to create a storage pool on the new platform.

Manage S3 REST API Storage Pool

S3 Rest API 1) Click on the people icon to manage user accounts for the specific storage pool. To delete a Storage Pool click on the "x" icon and follow the required steps.

 dyndb storage pool account 2) You can modify an existing account , reset the shared secret , activate or deactivate an account , or delete an account , by clicking on the correspondent icon.

3) Click on the S3 Browser download link to get the S3 Browser application, which presents you a virtual drive to access files stored on the Dynamic Storage Pool.

For more information about Dynamic Storage please see the Dynamic Storage User Guide All Guides

Note: To access Dynamic Storage EMC Atmos API you have to use the correct URI respectively:

  • Internet access: ds11s3.swisscom.com
  • Storage network (in DCS): ds22s3.swisscom.com

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